Just married

Since 2014-11-29 I am married to my wonderful wife Yao Yi :-)

Just married!
Just married!

Here are a few pictures and infos of the wedding day.


Every good day starts with a good breakfast, so we went to Wagas 📌.


Then we went to the Marriage Registration Center of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau 📌 in Caobao Lu, something like the Standesamt in Germany, for the offical part. Each one filling and signing a form, getting read the obligations of marriage and as the final result getting handed over the small red booklets which in China prove that you are married.

Our wedding rings
Our wedding rings

Here are a some pictures of the registration office. We were the only couple there at the time.

Tian Ai Lu

Yao Yi had suggested that after the ceremony we go to Tian'ai Lu 📌, the name meaning something like sweet love street. There is an old story related to that street and it brings luck and a happy marriage to every couple walking along this street holding hands. Along the way we had some coffee and cake (at the same time the birthday cake for Yao Yi) in the Tian'ai lounge. And scratched our names in the wall there (as many other couples already have done).

There we also wrote letters to each other, which we got stamped with a special stamp in a post office nearby and then put them into the "love" mailbox. Yao Yi wrote in Chinese, I wrote in German. She will sure be able to very soon understand my letter. I will need much more time to decipher hers.

In the evening, we went to the french restaurant Francks bistro and had a very nice candle-light dinner (due to the candle-light the photos are a bit dark...)

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