Nokia 6230i Install Java Applications

Installing java applications on your Nokia 6230i is not really difficult. But it is not as easy as copying the application files (usually a jar- and a jad-file) to the phone. You need to install them correctly to be able to use the application .

A convenient way is to use the programm gammu. First you need to set up a configuration file to let gammu communicate with your phone over bluetooth. This file should look similar to the following:


Now you can try to connect to your phone by calling gammu --identify. If this is successful, you can proceed by instructing gammu to install an application:

gammu --nokiaaddfile Application

The name of the application is the name of the jar- or jad-file without its extension. If you replace the term "Application" with "Game", you can install the application to the games-folder instead of the default application folder.

Update (04.01.2008)

Bernd Wurst describes on his website under Kurztipp: Schnellere Bluetooth-Verbindung mit gammu how to change the gammu configuration file to speed up time gammu needs to connect to your phone.

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