Nokia 6230i POP port pin assignment

This is the pin assignment of the so called POP port of the Nokia 6230i mobile. Pin 1 is the one with a small distance to the other pins.

Pin   Name         Function
----- ------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 1    Vin          5V Input
 2    Gnd          Ground
 3    ACI          Auto-Connect-Ignition (automatic recognition of connected accessories)
 4    V Out        +5V Output (accessories supply voltage)
 5    USB PwrDet   USB Power Detection (only used for USB connection)
 6    F-Bus Rx     Serial data bus (receive)
 7    F-Bus Tx     Serial data bus (transmit)
 8    Gnd          Ground
 9    X Mic N      audio input -
10    X Mic P      audio input +
11    HS Ear L N   (Headset) left audio output -
12    HS Ear L P   (Headset) left audio output +
13    HS Ear R N   (Headset) right audio output -
14    HS Ear R P   (Headset) right audio output +
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