Nokia 6230i File Transfer

To copy files from and to your phone, you can use the program obexftp. To use a bluetooth connection, invoke the program like this:

obexftp -b {BD address of the phone}

Then you can append more options like -l to list the contents of a folder on the phone, -c to change to a folder, -p to put a file into a folder or -g to fetch a file from a folder on the phone.

Here are a few examples: To change to the directory MMC and put the file test.mp3 there you would invoke obexftp with

obexftp -b {BDADDR} -c MMC -p test.mp3

To copy the file back from the phone to the PC, accordingly

obexftp -b {BDADDR} -c MMC -g test.mp3

and to delete it use

obexftp -b {BDADDR} -c MMC -d test.mp3

For more information on obexftp use its manual page (man obexftp).

If you do not like the command line interface, you can use the KDE Bluetooth Utilities. In debian there is the package kdebluetooth. This package installs the KDE Bluetooth OBEX Client (kbtobexclient) with a graphical user interface to manage files on your mobile phone.

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