VC820 Software

Since I have bought a multimeter VC820 made by Voltcraft, I am quite happy with this device, but I think the software delivered with it is not as good as the multimeter. I could not find any free or open source software, so i have written something by myself.

The VC820 Multimeter
The VC820 Multimeter

The software is in an early development stage and can contain a few errors. I am glad about any error that you report to me so that I can fix it.


Screenshot of the VC820 software
Screenshot of the VC820 software


  • Parallel processing of the measurement values in multiple modules (text display, graph, statistics)
  • Selection of a data source
  • Simple extensibility of the software with your own modules for processing measurement values.
  • Sending and receiving of measurements by UDP to / from other computers


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License in its current version, see the GNU website for details.

Needed Components

The software is written with Microsoft.Net, so you need the DotNet-Framework installed. You can get it at Microsoft. Anything else needed is included in the program archive.


At first you need to install the DotNet-Framework. Then, uncompress the program archive in a directory and invoke the exe-file. The program creates a configuration file automatically. If you want, you can create a shortcut to the program on your desktop or in the start menu. That's all.


Code for Java

A developer who does not want to be named has sent me his basic implementation of the data access to the VC820 for java. This is his implementation:

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