Opening Mifon IPTV 4K Box HG680-J

Today I had some time and while tidying up, I found a set-top box we got some time ago from our Internet provider. It came with a contract for combined 50Mbps fiber connection and IPTV.

The guy who installed the IPTV box (labeled FiberHome HG680-J) showed us that it worked, but afterward we tried once and did not get it to work, because it did not want to connect to the network. We lost interest and since then it’s sitting next to the TV and is not used. So today I got  curious about the contents of this little box and decided to open it and share the findings with you.

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E-Mail Notification for Windows Updates

Sometimes I have to deal with a Windows server. But I do not log in regularly, so I wanted to be informed about available Windows updates by e-mail. Some short research in the internet indicated, that this is not possible out-of-the-box.

So I enjoyed hacking a bit of Python to create a script that triggers the check for new Windows updates and send out an e-mail with the result. You can find the script on Github:

The README explains how to set it up in detail. Basically, after cloning the script, you copy the configuration file template and add your e-mail address and SMTP server name. Then you can e.g. add the script to the Windows Scheduler and run it once per day.

Here is an example e-mail sent by the script:


Raspberry Pi service startup scripts

Sometimes you want to start a service or daemon. That is a program running in the background which is usually automatically started when Linux boots and which is shut down when Linux goes to shutdown.

The idea is to put a shell script to the directory /etc/init.d which can start and stop your daemon. This script accepts standard command line options like start, stop, restart (restart the service by stoping and then starting it) and reload (reload and apply the configuration while the service keeps running). Then you tell the system to set up everything to call the script with the right parameter during boot or shutdown.

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Chili on the balcony

Yao Yi planted chili plants in spring on the balcony. This is the result.

Chili plant on balcony

Chili plant on the balcony

Chili plant detail

Chili plant detail



I will update the post as soon as I tried them and know how spicy they are…

Ok, here’s the update: The chilis are medium spicy. So we tried to prpare chili sauce by frying them with much oil and garlic. But we did not take care and the sauce tasted burned :-( Next year we try again!

Introduce our cats

My blog was inactive for a long time now and had ended with the previous post about arriving in Shanghai one and a half year ago. So this is my new effort to write posts more regularly and catch up with the things that have happened in the meantime.

So let’s start with our cats, because everyone on the internet loves pictures of cute cats :-)

This is our first cat called Spot.


And this is the second one, Snow, while climbing our furniture.


He is called Snow, because he was found in Winter in Shanghai outside, while it was snowing. (Yes, that’s possible in Shanghai).

Umzug nach Shanghai

Der Abreisetermin ist schneller da, als gedacht. Aber nun sitze ich zuhause auf gepackten Koffern und warte darauf, dass mein Vater mich abholt. Dann gehen wir noch essen und dann bringt er mich zum Bahnhof.

Von dort geht es nach Frankfurt zum Flughafen und dann nach Shanghai, meinem neuen Zuhause für die nächsten zwei Jahre. Dort werde ich in der Elektronik-Entwicklung von Kostal arbeiten.

Die Bahnfahrt (von Düsseldorf nach Frankfurt und der Flug nach Shanghai Pudong waren ziemlich ereignislos, daher einen Tag fast-forward.

Bin gestern gegen Mittag gut in Shanghai angekommen. Vom Flughafen hat mit ein Fahrer von Kostal abgeholt und zu meiner Wohnung gebracht, ein kleines serviced Apartment, nah an der Innenstadt und mit den Haltestellen für U-Bahn und Bus zur Arbeit direkt vor dem Haus ziemlich praktisch für mich. (Google Maps, OSM)Außerdem habe ich von meinem Wohnzimmerfenster eine ziemlich schöne Aussicht, nämlich nicht so wie bei den meisten Wohnungen in Shanghai mit dem Blick auf das Nachbarhochhaus, sondern aus dem 17. Stock auf den Sportplatz und Park einer Privatschule.

Blick aus meiner Wohnung.

Blick aus meiner Wohnung.

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